Children & Children’s Rights

Hanlon Family Law Solicitors are very experienced in the area of Children’s Rights, the Child Care Act and Adoption Applications.

The Child Care Act details actions that can be taken in relation to children by the HSE or Gardai if they believe there is a risk to a child. We have acted on behalf of parents seeking to enforce their childrens’ rights against the state and other parties.

We have advised parents on what to do in the event that there is an application made to take a child into care and we have represented parents in court in relation to such issues.

We have liaised with the HSE and their solicitors and have also frequently engaged with Guardians ad Litem (the appointment by a court of one party to act in a lawsuit on behalf of another party) in relation to Child Care matters.

We can also advise in relation to the Right to Education.

For more information or advice on Children & Children’s Rights from our team of specialist family solicitors, please contact Graham Hanlon or Yvonne on (01) 836 9300 or email